Welcome to Cheertowns!


Why create CHEERTOWNS?

Our founders came together to create this social media site for those involved in the world of cheer. Cheerleading has come a long way from standing on the sidelines and cheering on other sports to being recognized as a sport in itself. There are so many different outlets for cheerleading now and we want to bridge them all together, in one place, from all over the world. Our goal was to create a one-stop site where EVERYONE involved can talk to each other, ask questions, get ideas, and share experiences. We want to be a gateway to find things you might not think of, like scholarships. Come represent your “TOWN” (squad/gym) and meet those from other “TOWNS.” Everyone is welcome and supported here.

What does CHEERTOWNS consist of?

We have put together all the needs and wants of coaches, athletes, supporters and parents into one place where anyone can get or give information, connect with peers, and have access to the latest and greatest things to do with cheerleading. We have split the site into four sections

  • ATHLETES:  The athlete section is for those who are currently cheerleaders. This will be where they can access and talk with other cheerleaders from around the world. The athletes can show off their latest skills, follow teams or athletes that inspire them, and more. This section is for the athletes and ran by current athletes.
  • COACHES:  The coaches section is for those who would identify as a coach, gym owner, director, or equivalent to the sport. It is not a space for the athletes to enter. It is an environment where you can talk with other coaches, share ideas, read about the latest information in the cheer world, ask questions, and get tips. 
  • SUPPORTERS:  The supporters section is for all other people involved in the world of cheer, such as parents, guardians, cheer fans, etc. Get ideas of how to help the athletes you are supporting through the journey they take into the cheer world. Find resources you might not know about. It is a place for helpful or funny stories from others that have gone before and there is the opportunity to ask questions and have our team find the answers for them.
  • CLASSIFIEDS:  This section can be accessed by all. The classified section will be available to everyone to post or find events, list or find jobs related to cheer, buy or sell equipment and cheer gear, and post or find services like choreographers and music. We want this to be the “go to” site that all of cheer uses to buy, sell, post, hire, and find all of their cheer needs. One place/ one stop/ everything cheer.


You can get questions answered by the infamous Morton Bergue (from California) on any subject cheer. Whether its help about working out difficult stunts, dealing with aggressive parents/coaches, tips on starting a new team, or something completely different, Morton will be able to help. There are few questions that he wouldn’t be able to answer, but maybe a fellow coach would have the answer after it is posted. That is what is great about the website community that we have built. There will be a weekly blog that will prove to have a wealth of information as well as funny stories that only Morton can tell.

Coaches and gym owners will be able to find out about upcoming events in their area that they might want to attend or enter with their team. They will have the ability to nominate special athletes to compete for Athlete of the month and then vote for Athlete of the year which we are planning on making a big deal to celebrate those kids that do more than just show up at practice. It’s the cheerleader that has almost perfect attendance; works especially hard at their craft, gets good grades in school and puts forward a great attitude within their organization and community.

Why do we ask for the $1 donation? 

This is strictly for the reason that kids have access and use to this social media site. With the fee, it allows us to place additional safeguards on the site to ensure a higher level of security. This security will allow for 24/7 monitoring of the site an the sites members to protect minors from the risks associated with pedophiles, bullies, and more. The safety and security of the minors is our top priority while giving all who are in the world of cheer a single platform to come together.