Athlete of the Month Details

Welcome Athletes,

We want to explain the idea behind our “Athlete of the Month” portion of the website. Every month, we are looking for a great athletic representative to be selected as the athlete of the month.

We are looking for a cheerleader that is strong in three separate categories: Academics, Leadership, and Athletics. 

The ideal representative each month should show strong commitments to their team, their community, and their schooling. We want to shout out those who really strive at their craft, but are also good human beings and take their education seriously.

The athletes do not have to be on a high level team or have every skill mastered; we are looking for the girl who shows up to practices, supports their team, is a good role model for the younger cheerleaders that look up to them, and those who strive their hardest.

If you know someone who should be nominated, advise your coach or gym owner. We want all recommendations to come through the coaches/owners of the program they represent. We want to know why the athlete is being nominates. What is their academic standing? What do they do to support their community?  How are they a great addition to the team?

Each month we will select a new athlete as the “Athlete of the Month”  and they will be featured in a new blog that everyone will see across the site. We will contact the person selected, as well as their coach/gym owner to get more information and a photograph of the cheerleader for the article.

CHEERS! Hope to see those nominations roll in.

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