We want to CHEER!!!!

CHEERTOWNS understands this is a really crazy time for our country and especially for the cheerleaders.   Athletes are meant to be active and with their teams, not at home trying to do a tumbling class on Zoom! COVID-19 really has set the cheer world back a bit, but cheerleading is not over!!

It’s time for the athletes, coaches and supporters to really dig down deep and bring out that positive spirit!! It is so easy for an athlete to say, “It’s hard to work on my skills;” or for a coach to say, “I don’t know how to keep my team motivated.”  Yes, creating a new way to do things is hard, but right now necessary.

Athletes . . . you need to keep in shape.  Go online and there are hundreds of cheer gyms, dance studios, colleges, choreographers, coaches, instructors and companies giving out free classes.  Maybe this will be the start of all athletes being more willing to work at home to improve on their skills and fitness?  As coaches, we are always begging our athletes to work outside of our practices. Now we know it can be done. Athletes plan something to do every day!!

Coaches . . . we know how hard this is.  Our lives are now turned upside down and we really do not know what truly will happen. So, let’s work on the things we can control.  We can meet with our kids on a social media outlet and talk with them about motivation and time management.  We can reach out to each other and share ideas.  We can read and listen to many TED talks, blogs, websites, coach groups and inspirational speakers to help us get through. Coaches plan something to do every day!!

Supporters . . . parents, friends and relatives of cheerleaders, understand how devastating this is to the athletes, gym owners and coaches. This is such an important part of their lives, so help them get through it.  Encourage your athlete to continue to work ******* their fitness.  Reach out to the cheer gym owner and maybe see what you can do to help them through this time. Call your coach and let them know you are thinking about them.  All of these things will just make this time a little easier and will help them continue to stay positive and motivated. Supporters connect with someone every day.

Yes, this is a hard time for so many people, but let us BE THE CHEERLEADERS for the world.  Stay positive! Help others! Continue to smile! This will soon be over, and we will all be together again!

We can do this. We will be strong in numbers,


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