Hey there SUPPORTERS! We welcome you to this site. Whether you are a parent, sibling, extended family member, or friend; we want you to be able to learn a little more about this sport. For those who know about this life, you can help others who would be novices in the cheer world learn the ins and outs.

We will be posting blogs that may pertain to things for a supporter to know, as well as articles about the sport. We will also have a place where you and your athletes can find all the scholarships and grants that are out there for them with their futures.

With the sport of cheer, we strive to be morally strong as well as academically strong. We don’t believe that a sport is just showing up and performing. We want every athlete to be well rounded in life and for their future as they are our future.

Let’s just put it out there, the athletes wouldn’t be where they are without all of you guys out there supporting them while they enjoy their sport.

WELCOME and get exploring,


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Cheer Buzz

Getting Our Cheer Athletes Back In Shape . . . The Safe Way!

Getting Our Cheer Athletes Back In Shape . . . The Safe Way! By Morton Bergue, Cheergyms.com With cheer gyms slowly being able to open back up, everyone is in ...

Techniques To Make Your Team SPARKLE!

Techniques To Make Your Team SPARKLE! Presentation by Morton Bergue   Sharp Motions. I believe it all starts with sharp motions. Something we do not work on enough anymore.   ...
Athlete of the Month

July AOTM- Meet Gracelyn

Click Here to see a little glimpse of Gracelyn and what she likes about cheer…Gracelyn Video Below is her answers to our questionnaire. She was nominated by Regina and Danny ...
Cheer Bizz


We want to CHEER!!!! CHEERTOWNS understands this is a really crazy time for our country and especially for the cheerleaders.   Athletes are meant to be active and with their ...
Confessions of a Youth Coach

Part 1-The Button

It all started with a button. I was somewhat new to motherhood. I had my daughter who was now 18 months old. One night, my husband and I went to ...
Cheer Buzz

Why Cheerleading?

Some people ask; “why should I choose cheerleading as the sport for my athlete?” The answer is complex. In our opinion, we have always felt that one of the best ...
Athlete of the Month

Athlete of the Month Details

Welcome Athletes, We want to explain the idea behind our “Athlete of the Month” portion of the website. Every month, we are looking for a great athletic representative to be ...

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