Why Cheerleading?

Some people ask; “why should I choose cheerleading as the sport for my athlete?”

The answer is complex. In our opinion, we have always felt that one of the best aspects of this sport is that anyone can do it. Yes, there are more steps to it than just that, but it is a sport that has many different levels for all types of athletes. In all truth, it is better to have a mixture of athletes that encompass all areas of the sport, from the stunting and tumbling to dancing and attitude.

This sport is really all about training and desire. We have even see extremely shy kids blossom and gain their voice on a team. Anyone can cheer and everyone can train to be the best they can possibly be.

Another great aspect of cheerleading is that it is both a team sport and can have highlights in a routine for individuals to stand out.

Cheerleading also helps with body coordination, flexibility, and balance. It really is a sport that is fun, exciting, and builds a family.


One thought on “Why Cheerleading?

  1. Jamie

    One of the great aspects of Cheer is the fact that any body size is good for this sport. Tall, short, thick or thin. It’s really about desire and working to be the best that you can be. The best dancer, jumper and cheer attitude on my daughters High school squad was the largest girl on the team. She never let her size hold her back. She was always the point dancer and the crowds loved her.
    Cheer is not a beauty pageant. Rather, a full throttle, well trained group of committed athletes.

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